• Annual reports providing a full analyses and quantification of sport participation and spectator trends in
    South Africa for over 40 sports. One report covers the adult market and the other report the junior market. Historical data covers well over 10 years.

  • A natural extension to our annual Adult and Junior SportTrack reports, are a series of detailed individual
    sport code reviews, aimed at further providing business people, rights holders and television channels
    with additional insights into those codes in order to more effectively evaluate and/or position a specific
    sport code. Codes include all popular sports: football, rugby, cricket, basketball, track & field, running,
    tennis, motor sport, volleyball, boxing, golf, swimming, and many others.

  • An Annual research report providing extensive information and trends on the Music, Entertainment and
    Arts & Culture industry in South Africa.

  • It includes a quantification of people interested in all the various genres and an analyses of all relevant demographics on the most popular music genres, and cultural and entertainment activities. Also
    historical trends for more than 5 years.

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