BMI-Sport Info (Pty) Ltd was formally established in 1990 as the first and only, independent research company in South Africa to focus exclusively on the sport and sponsorship market. Over the past sixteen years, BMI has been at the forefront of this industry, and through our ongoing commitment to the development of unique sponsorship evaluation research products, the company is recognized as a leader of this science, not only in South Africa, but internationally as well. All of our actions are aimed at making clients for life by providing them with top quality products and professional service at all times.

BMI can satisfy all your market research and information needs relating to the sport and sponsorship market in South Africa. Our vast experience, combined with sixteen years of historical research data on the sponsorship market, ensures that our clients receive an unrivalled service offering. A testament to this is our clients themselves, which includes nearly all of South Africa's major sponsoring companies, the television channels, sports goods companies, sport controlling bodies and sponsorship management companies involved in sport, music and other sponsored causes.

  • What should we ideally sponsor to best reach our target market?

  • How can we better focus our sponsorship strategy? How can we consolidate the vast number of
    properties we sponsor into a more focussed approach?

  • How can we be sure our sponsorships are working for us?

  • Are we associated with the sport or team or event we sponsor? Why is our association not growing?

  • Is our media strategy working for us? Where and what are the weaknesses?

  • What is a fair price to pay for that sponsorship property? Does the contract guarantee all the rights
    that are important to us?

  • Do digital signboards provide better value than the more traditional alternatives?

  • What are our sponsorships doing for our brand image? How has it impacted on consumer
    attitudes towards our brand ?

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